Money Mayweather

I am really obsessed by the boxing announcers so i’ll write this post in english. I saw a great fight last night even i lost their debut. I saw the biggest ko of this year. Thanks to Floyd Mayweather. I must admitt that Hatton had a height problem in comparation with Floyd but his old-style boxing brought him this unexpected defeat. He couldn’t stay away from Mayweather’s greatest punches of this year 🙂 . He was totally dominated and now it’s very hard to rebuild his carrer. Maybe will play de la Hoya next year but nobody wants this yet. I have a lot of questions in my mind but i can’t find an answer for the most important one „Who is the next opponent for Mayweather?” I invite you to write down some comments on this post if you know something about this things…
And here’s the picture of the year in proffesional boxing shooted by AP Photo.

Some kind of later edit, i promised myself that i’ll make a top with my favourite fights of this year. I’ll put this on the first place. For the second, i’m think to put the fight betwen Mayorga and Vargas retirement 🙂 and to complete the top 3, i’ll preffer Mayweather again, but this time against de la Hoya in a points match. Some opinions?
Later later edit : I heard that Mayweather wants to retire!


8 responses to “Money Mayweather

  • pliggbuzz

    The referee wouldn’t let the fight flow in the first four rounds constantly stopping hatton from boxing at close quarters. Mayweather’s style was very good though and all in all he deserved to Win i just hope these big bout’s get referee’s in the future that let fights flow, this ref was absolutely horrendous and should go back to ref training scholl or where ever he never gradyated from in the first place.

    Well done to Mayweather and he was a pleasure to watch from the 7th Round on-wards.

  • Andrei Militaru

    i see in every fight that mayweathe has a vey deffensive style and this helps him to show some unexpected punches. i must admitt…he’s the greatest fighter i have ever saw…
    i don’t forget the legends but the boxing had an important evolution in those last years and this brings mayweather on my top 🙂

  • titip

    nu cred ca mayweather se va retrage. e pe val si cred ca isi va domina categoria ceva timp de-aici incolo. n-are adversar.

  • Andrei Militaru

    nici hatton nu avea adversar pana acum :). dar uite ca s-a intamplat si minunea. mayweather va trebui sa anunte wbc-ul daca isi pune centura in joc sau nu, mai ales si dupa declaratiile din ultimele zile. Poate 2-3 partide sa mai aibe, cu adversari alesi de el si nu wbc sau promoteri si dupa aia se retrage linistit. ce, nu si-a luat bursa de 20 de milioane? 🙂

  • titip

    eu l-am vazut de cateva ori pe hatton, iar pe mayweather de mult mai multe ori si vreau sa spun ca n-am avut nici un dubiu in ce priveste soarta meciului.
    in afara de asta vreau sa spun ca si mie imi place michael buffer, dar nu inteleg necesitatea postarii in engleza, mai ales ca este un blog romanesc, in limba romana si vizitat in marea majoritate de romani, dar ce stiu eu?

  • Andrei Militaru

    era doar o obsesie de moment cu postarea in engleza..inca eram conectat la atmosfera meciului 🙂

  • Yaz Okulu

    does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?

  • Andrei Militaru

    @Yaz Okulu
    Yes, there is. But not here. You may just search… 🙂

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